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Marcy James leans against the railing of the terrace of her penthouse apartment. Her thoughts wonder from her decision to sleep in this Sunday morning which seems lazy to her, to whether she should have gone to church with her younger brother, Lee, whom she raises since their parents’ death, to how much she loves her balcony. One other thought keeps trying to grab a moment of attention, but she keeps dismissing it as she is not ready to wrestle with it this warm but gorgeous September Sunday morning.

Marcy stares out at the bend in the river and watches a barge lazily creep down and out of sight. Its wake is sprinkled by sunlight sparkling like diamonds. The sun glistening off the river mesmerizes her into vulnerability and the one thought she avoids grows too strong for her to ignore.

“Like a silly little school girl,” Marcy concludes, “I trusted my heart to Josh Crockett.”

She tries desperately to dismiss this thought, again, but just like her feelings for Josh, this thought is overpowering. She walks away from the railing and turns her back on the hypnotic view of this side of the bend in the river.

The thought persists, “Why do I think there could ever be a future with him?”

Tears begin to moisten her eyes and she bats them back with multiple quick blinks of her eyes. She fights the tears off with reason.

In the novel A River Bend, Marcy James and Josh Crockett develop a strong bond, but Josh is only visiting her city and returns to his home with the promise of his soon return. Waiting for Josh to return, Marcy struggles with her feelings for Josh Crockett, but this is the least of her challenges in Through the Valley of the Shadow. 

In this excerpt from Chapter 1, “Never My Love,” Marcy struggles with her trust for Josh who is far away even though she talks with Josh everyday. In one chapter of the book, Marcy shares her doubts with Josh and when he expresses his love for her, she is unable to reciprocate.

Later in the novel, she is attacked and her attackers get away. Shortly after, she is stalked by one of her attackers. Josh is still far away.

Will Josh come through for Marcy? Will Marcy resolve her doubts and what will that mean for Josh? Coming soon – Through the Valley of the Shadow.

Like Marcy to Josh, in my struggles, it seems sometimes that God is far away. It has been my experience that it is not God who drifts. I have not doubted God’s love, but have not spent intimate time with him or thought about how much He means to me until a challenge greater than my means to handle hits. Then, I turn to Him and realize he is distant, even though we talk everyday.

I am grateful that God’s love for me is not dependent or quenched by my apathy or complacency. I know through the experience of many trials that God has never left me or forsaken me. God is faithful. God is always near.

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