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Excerpt # 2 – Chapter 3 “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

I promised excerpts from my second novel which is soon to be published. Here is the second excerpt. The first was from Chapter 10. This one is from Chapter 3. Marcy James and Josh Crockett began a whirlwind romance in just a few days, then Josh had to leave, but promised to return. It has been weeks and Josh calls every day, yet Marcy is beginning to doubt their relationship.

From Chapter 3, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

“Yes, your text has a ring of urgency in it,” Marcy admits. “Is everything alright?”

“I’m sorry, Marcy,” Josh apologizes, “I did not intend to stress you. Everything is great.”

“Great?” Marcy questions, “I sure misread that, then.”

“How about for you, Marcy?” Josh asks.

“I don’t feel so great,” Marcy confesses.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Josh responds to the discouragement he detects in Marcy’s voice.

“Maybe after you share your ‘great,’ I’ll share my ‘not-so-great,’” Marcy decides.

“Well, I’m getting things in order here and am leaving for Melo really soon, just weeks away, now” Josh declares.

“Oh,” Marcy realizes that is probably not the response Josh expects.

“Marcy,” Josh’s previously joyous tone devolves, “you seem disappointed.”

“I know and I’m sorry, Josh,” Marcy wishes she could take the few seconds back. “I have waited weeks to hear those words, but I guess I had prepared myself for never hearing them.”

Josh contemplates this over before responding. The silence is sickening to Marcy. She never intends to hurt Josh, but she always wants to be honest with him. Something about him and their brief relationship draws her to honesty with him.

“I should be there in a few days,” Josh states, “It sounds like we have something to talk about.”

“It’s just that you’ve been gone longer than we even knew each other,” Marcy acknowledges. “There is so little I know about you and you left so suddenly.”

“Is it alright that we talk when I arrive?” Josh grapples for understanding of what is happening.

“Yes, of course, Josh,” Marcy answers. “Don’t misunderstand. It will be wonderful to see you, again. Your news just came on one of those crazy days for me.”

“Tell me about it, then,” Josh requests hoping it will make some sense of this apparent change in their relationship.

“It can wait until you get here, I suppose,” Marcy delays.

Josh reacts, “Please, Marcy, I want to know. I need to know.”

“Josh,” Marcy asserts, “What happened today is only part of my confusion about our relationship.”

“So, you are having doubts about us,” Josh clarifies.

“I’m not sure I ever admitted it before until I just said it, now,” Marcy affirms.

“Wow,” Josh chokes on this before he can find strength to continue, “I am more curious to know what went down today that gave you such clarity.”

“Josh, please, it’s really not like that at all,” Marcy tries to help Josh understand, but struggles because of her own uncertainty.

“Whatever it was,” Josh pleads, “please share it. It might help me make sense of this.”

Marcy blurts it out, “Geoff is leaving his wife … for me.”

Josh thinks of a hundred things he wants to say, but none of them kind. He wants to warn, preach, curse and threaten. But somehow he doesn’t. He wants to retaliate by telling Marcy about the call from Denise. He believes he should have mentioned it, but now it seems to be the wrong time and the wrong motivation.

“Josh,” Marcy, not sure of what Josh’s thinking and wishes now she had lied to him, “are you going to be alright.”

“I don’t feel alright,” Josh musters these words. ”I love you, Marcy. I have no doubts about that, not even now.”

“How can you be that sure, Josh?” Marcy asks. “We spent only a few days together.”

“The best days of my life,” Josh says.

“How can that be, Josh. You’re not being honest with yourself,” Marcy scolds. “You were constantly under suspicion, whispered about, confronted and finally banned from doing what you came here to do.”

“But you were there, beside me,” Josh declares. “You believed me and trusted me.”

“I still do, Josh,” Marcy admits.

“Then, believe me when I say I love you, Marcy,” Josh persists.

“I believe you,” Marcy confesses, “I wish I could say the same.”

“Can we spend some time together when I return?” Josh asks.

“I think we should,” Marcy agrees, “if you decide to return.”

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