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Excerpt From Upcoming New Novel

Through the Valley of the Shadow is now in editing stage and should be just weeks from publication. I thought I would take the opportunity to “tease” you with some excerpts from the book while the book is being edited.

Marcy James and Geoff Westin leave a restaurant where they had a chance meeting. While walking to their cars to leave separately for home, they are accosted by four strangers including a broad shouldered man (Shoulders) and a hooded man (Hoodie) Marcy and Geoff are drug into the shadows of the restaurant at knife point by the four attackers. The following is from Chapter 10, “Help.”

It’s late and Marcy and Geoff were one of the last patrons to leave the restaurant. The staff begins to turn out the outside lights of the building making it even darker and the parking lot is empty of all cars but Marcy’s, Geoff’s and the staffs’ who are pulling away one by one. Hope of salvation is now almost completely lost.

Geoff is pleading, trying to make Shoulders understand there was nothing more anyone could have done to help his brother. This only makes Shoulders more determined and angry. He strikes Geoff in the face with the full force of his fist. Geoff tries to free himself, but his attackers are too strong and too determined.  Marcy cannot struggle. She is frozen with fear, so frozen with fear she no longer feels anything else.

Hoodie wraps a huge, gloved hand around Marcy’s neck and slowly slides his knife blade under the snap to Marcy’s pants forcing the snap to open. The blade moves against her belly and as it slides downward the zipper slides open as well.

Hoodie drops the blade down against the crotch of Marcy’s pants and then stops and looks up at Shoulders. Shoulders’ ears perk up and his cohorts’ bodies stiffen in anticipation.

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