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Dear Father

Dear Father,

Help me recall how loving, powerful, just and loving you are. Remind me that I am no more capable or in control than any other person on Earth without you, but with you, I can carry out your desire for me. Make my desire the same as your desire.

Thank you for the preparation you’ve made and the support you give for whatever you have in store for me today. Forgive me for holding back when you say go and for running ahead when you want me to wait.

Allow me the faith to know you are near and your plan for my life is perfect for me. Forgive me, now for my worrying about how long I might have left in this life and whether or not I will maintain all my faculties until the end and becoming a burden on my loved ones. Help me to know and trust that you will not give me more than I can handle, but supply whatever is needed to enjoy the good in each situation.

Help me distinguish the voice of your Holy Spirit from all the other voices I might hear today. You know my weaknesses. You know my experiences and how those experiences have shaped me. Help me comprehend the truth from the lies that correspond with those experiences.

Forgive those who use me or manipulate me for their benefit. Give me your heart to be able to forgive them, too. Help me to see that you love them as much as you love me. Forgive me for the times I used, abused or manipulated anyone. If there is anyone whom I have misused and I have not made amends, give me the courage to do so with the appropriate, loving words and at the appropriate time.

Thank you for pursuing me, wooing me and accepting me. Thank you for forgiving me of my pride, lust, hate and especially my self-righteousness. Thank you for the promise of a full, rich life that you’ve kept and are keeping. Pull back the curtains of doubt, fear, selfishness and greed, so I may see your light and feel your warmth and recognize how full my life is because you want me.

Please help me not to neglect to share that message with those you send my way whether it is by word of mouth or deed. Loving Father, don’t let me neglect my purpose in life or forget to give you the praise and the glory.

Your child


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Douglas Knight

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