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Challenges and Opportunities

Life is measured by its opportunities and challenges. We try and avoid challenges, but they are inevitable. Sometimes the effort to avoid a challenge results in a missed opportunity. On the other hand, we sometimes pass on an opportunity, either as inconvenient or too challenging. Those decisions may at times produce its own challenges, later.

Society often judges character by those who survive great challenges or lay hold of great opportunities. This is important for a Christian to note if we are to reach others for Christ or help other believers strengthen their faith. A Christian who buckles under facing challenges loses an opportunity to encourage others’ faith in Christ and does not glorify Christ to the world. Christ will not stop loving you. True believers will relate and continue to embrace you. Unbelievers, though, will see no value in a faith in Christ and may conclude that God is indeed uncaring and unfair, if He even exists at all.

Life’s challenges are inevitable (1 Thessalonians 3:3). It is as much a part of life as joy, love and laughter are a part of life. Trusting God through the challenge can be a challenge, but to trust God in all circumstances is our purpose in life. It completes us and makes our lives full. Even unbelievers in God know that the challenges in life make the opportunities of life more valuable and help you gain strength for other of life’s challenges

Challenges create opportunities. This is especially true of the Christ follower. Faith in God during trials, strengthens one’s own faith in God making one more capable to face future struggles. A strong faith in God through the challenges of life can also strengthen others’ faith in God when they are faced with life’s challenges. Finally, faith in God glorifies God to the world. It confirms His existence, makes real His love for us, solidifies the truth of the Gospel and exalts God as a caring and trustworthy God.

But what if one fails or loses faith in God during a difficult trial. I have failed to completely trust in God and His promises through life’s trials. So, I speak from experience that even though I lost faith and loved less, God never failed me nor loved me less. This is the greatest truth of the Gospel message. No matter what we’ve done, good or evil, God loves with the same love that brought Him to Earth in the form of the Man of God, Jesus Christ, to suffer as we do, die a horrible, criminal’s death, rise from the dead and live among us in the form of His Holy Spirit to urge us to accept Him and serve Him as Lord. Our lack of faith, even after we accept Him as Lord does not change that. Nor does it mean we cannot be forgiven and continue to serve God.

Look at Peter, one of Christ’s closes friends and followers while Christ ministered here on Earth. In the Gospels, Luke 22, for example, Peter, when faced with the challenge of being arrested and tried as Jesus was,denied that he even knew Jesus. Yet, after Christ arose from the grave and visited his disciples, He acknowledged Peter’s love and encouraged Peter to continue to serve Him (John 21: 15-17).

Do not misunderstand me at this point. Yes, there is forgiveness and God’s love for us remains strong even when we fail. Yet, there is great loss. Relationships with others can be damaged, even destroyed. Some people don’t forgive and even some of those who forgive, don’t forget. The opportunities that could have been if your faith remained strong may be eternally lost. There will be other opportunities, but some of the ones that could have been may never be. This above all, should not be taken lightly. If meaning in life is to glorify God and to show others the way to fullness and contentment in life, then our faith in Him and in His love and faithfulness must remain strong in any circumstance or we may miss opportunities to make believers out of unbelievers and those unbelievers may miss out on part or all of their own full, rich life experiences.

A full, rich life contains love and love lost, rewards and disappointments, victories and defeats, strength and weakness. The challenges of trials and tribulations make the opportunities of the joys and blessings of life richer.  Trust in Christ through every circumstance gives purpose and meaning to both the challenges and the opportunities. Trust in Christ provides the richest and fullest of life.

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