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Christianity And Art

Nearly everyone listens to some type of music. There are still people who love to read. Movies are wonderful entertainment for millions. There are very few people who do not confess to watching too much TV and most of those confessors are liars. I could also mention painting, sculptures and photography as well as comic books and comic strips.

Art in many forms affects our lives. It entertains us, teaches us, makes us think, relaxes us and touches us. It can express ideals and philosophies. It can expose beauty and ugliness, truth and lies as well as joy and pain. It can often do all this and entertain.

Good speakers use art to make a valid point. Good teachers use art to teach a lesson. So, if I may, I am suggesting that good Christians use art to glorify God and share thoughts, concepts, ideals, etc. with others.

I will also challenge Christians and especially myself with some interest and talent in the arts to continue to improve on that ability. Each form of expression should be better than the last. We are not just pleasing ourselves and others, but glorifying and exemplifying the Creator. Each time we write, compose, sing or create it is an expression of our gratitude for the love God has shown by giving us His Son.


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Douglas Knight

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