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New Years Resolution

I have never really made resolutions for a new year and to be honest, don’t plan to  start this year. But every year I do try to set some goals for the year to come. Maybe that’s the same thing.

The difference in my mind is because any goal setting is not motivated by the beginning of a new calendar year. I have a birthday in January. If you’re thinking about getting me a gift, it would be January 13th.  This usually starts me thinking about what I have and have not accomplished or done well. At least, that is what birthdays have sparked since I was about 33 years old. Why 33 years old? That is a subject for another post … maybe. BTW – that’s not one of my goals for 2015.

One of my goals is to ease the pain for those who might follow my blog from time to time by reducing the number of words in each post and get to the point quicker. (I obviously still have a lot of work to do on that goal.) So, I’ll get to the point and list my other goals for you,now.

1. Finish another book – the sequel to A River Bend

2. Do more to try to sell my first book – probably good news for my publisher

3. Spend less time at work (probably not what my company wants to hear) and more time with family and friends (something my family and friends have heard before, so probably won’t believe until they see it)

4. Be better about sending texts, emails, cards, letters, etc. to people I love

5. Change the content of these posts to be more conversational and real (spiritual rather than religious)

6. Set some other goals

7. Share the progress of these on this blog site

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Douglas Knight

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