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I have suffered from a severe case of writer’s block. I’ve heard about it and thought it was an imaginary, made-for-movies thing.  It now seems real.

I also have been doing some soul searching to learn more about who I am and more importantly what God means to me.  I hope to be sharing some of this on this blog.

So, if you are following or were following this blog, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or died or been very ill. I am alive and I think, growing stronger or at least, I hope, more honest and more real.

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Douglas Knight

I write about what I'm thinking or what I've imagined in an effort to regain that childhood imagination and marry with my many years of real experiences. I'm getting better at it the more I write.I am a published author of two romantic intrigue novels.My books can be found at or if you want a personalized copy, by emailing me at

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