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God Only Knows

For who knows what is good for a person in life, during the few and meaningless days, they pass through like a shadow? Ecclesiastes 6:12a

I think I’m so smart sometimes until a big dose of reality knocks me for a loop. I realize I still have a lot to learn. I think that is what Solomon expresses, too, in Ecclesiastes.

Being raised in church, I was taught that Solomon was gifted by God with much wisdom, the wisest man ever. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon admits that all the stuff he worked for, obtained and knows is meaningless in the large scheme of things. As he states here in verse Ecclesiastes 6:12a.

Yet, I and expect so many people, fail to heed this wisdom. I don’t understand why I’ve missed this. I have heard many messages on Ecclesiastes, but they have all been about the last few verses in the book. These are important to the understanding of Ecclesiastes, but empty without a good understanding of the argument that concludes like this.

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.

What I recall from the messages that I’ve heard, most of them gloss over, at best, the argument to get to this conclusion. I admit it may have been me that glossed over or mind-wandered over the message part that discussed the argument. I recall thinking it would be good to study and even beginning a study of Ecclesiastes, but found it too deep for me. I probably didn’t want to study that hard, because “all is meaningless” is too depressing of a thought. Now, at my ripe old age of sixty-four, I look back on my past and realize the book has so much truth in it. I wish I had paid more attention to Solomon’s wisdom.

Solomon seems like he’s writing this from a ripe old age. Like me, he’s thinking, “Man, if I’d only woke up to this wisdom earlier, life would be more full, more fun.” Well, if Solomon didn’t think it, I am thinking it.

Life would have been richer and sweeter. My work would have deeper meaning and purpose. Family’s and friends’, even acquaintances’ relationships would have been more enjoyable. Most of all, my spiritual relationship with God and with others would have been the priority and have brought so much more fullness to life.

I waste so much time trying to find meaning instead of enjoying the meaning of life. So much worry about why or what’s next, instead of Christmas-morning-like anticipating of what life will deliver next for me. So many frustrating hours and days trying to force my point across, rather than just live it out with abandonment and let people decide for themselves.

My life is not over. There is still enough time to live a full, rich life. In many ways, life has just begun. Thank God, it has. I would hate to end it in another thirty or forty years from now without life ever began.

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Douglas Knight

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