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A Full, Rich Life Is An A1 Life

Sin is disobedience to God.  We do it automatically.  We do it naturally.  The result of sin is we don’t think like God.  The world is upside down.  It is not functioning the way God intended.  The world is dysfunctional.  In the first book of the Bible, when God finished creating this world we live in, he stopped and assessed that it was good.  We know that it is not good, now.  What happened?

The creation took it over.  We were created to fellowship with God and be his stewards for the perfect world He created for us.  We have other ideas.

God created us with a free will.  We can choose.  If we choose to trust God every time, we will do what is right every time.  We show our love for God when we choose to trust God.  That kind of relationship is what God created us for.

Beginning with Adam and Eve, we have chosen to be suspicious of God and trust our minds and gone our own way.  The Bible is full of reminders of this human character flaw.  Even though sometimes, our way results in good for the present time, it can still mean disobedience if God was not a part of it.

Too many times, good things are accomplished on our own apart from God.  God created us very capable.  The product of doing things our own way is many of the injustices that we often blame on a weak or uncaring God. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people until it appears there is no justice in the world.  People do good things and expect good things to be paid back to them and too often it doesn’t.  If I scratch your back, you scratch mine philosophy is a good policy, but more and more often doesn’t happen.  Give a little, take a little works, but givers often get taken.

I don’t think I need to say more.  The fact is no matter how many good deeds I do, deep down I am selfish and my natural instincts lean toward evil more than good.  To put it more basically, I have to work at being good, but gossip, judgment, anger, hate, bitterness, selfishness, pride, etc. come easy.  If you were honest, which would not be your first response, you are no better than me.  That is not the way God intended.  It is not the purpose for which God made us.

When Adam and Eve bit into that forbidden fruit, they learned evil from good.  Before that, they only knew good.  They were capable of sin, but hadn’t sinned until confronted with the choice – obey God or trust their instincts.  They were convinced they would be like God.  They thought that God was wrong and was holding back.

Time after time, we prove we would all have done the same.  It doesn’t matter that Eve ate first.  Adam would have done the same to Eve.  The Serpent did it to them.  I would have done it to you and you to me.  We think we know better.  We know better than God.  Nothing has changed.

Yet, God is in control.  His plan for each of us is to accomplish the purpose for which we are created – to fellowship in a loving and trusting relationship with God and each other and to partner with God to be stewards over his perfect world.  It sounds like fantasy, but it’s not.  Even in this mixed up, crazy, out-of-control world, we can experience true peace, true passion – a full, rich life. The key is to trust God fully.

As I said, the key is trusting God fully and that isn’t easy, because first of all, we think we know more than we are capable of understanding. So, I cannot share with you my understanding.  My understanding is no better than yours.  I will try and share what every word, every paragraph, every piece of data in the Bible declares.  I may get it wrong sometimes.  Please correct me if I do.

The Bible through direct communication, poetic and artistic design, historical data, letters, sermons and prophecy declare the truth and point the way to the Truth.  The Truth is embodied in Jesus the Christ who boldly claims to be the Truth, the Way to the Father and the Life. The truth is that the way back to having fellowship with God and the life for which we are made is through believing in Christ, who claims to be God in human form and promises that he came to give us life to the full and that any other way, any other truth and any other life will rob us of that full, rich, life for which we are created.

Ultimately, God will completely right the world, but we can experience a part of that now. The purpose for my blog and my life is to share what God through His Word has shared with me in an effort to understand God’s plan.   All I ask is that you trust God with your life and let him give you understanding.

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